Hidden taxes?

Himanshu Luka takes a careful look at Jeremy Hunt’s budget.

Presenting at an April meeting of BEST, Himanshu Luka of KAL Capital Partners gave a detailed exposition of the changes in rates and taxes that had occurred in recent months and particularly as a result of the Spring Budget.

Members were told that overall tax take by the government was set to increase substantially with measures such as the dividend allowance reducing. This is just one of the reasons that SME owners should take a careful look at their investments. Pensions were also impacted although the interest rate rises meant that it was time for members to revisit the potential benefits of annuity income in retirement.

Himanshu’s experience of financial markets with his long career in the City was invaluable. Chairman Ken Mead thanked him for his presentation commenting that members were fortunate to have access to Himanshu as in these uncertain times it was essential for business owners to protect their assets.