Saving the planet?

Cian Duggan shows there’s more than one way.

In May, BEST members were treated to a presentation by serial entrepreneur, Cian Duggan. Cian was one of the early members of BEST when he established a company called Carbon Credentials. The company aimed to help companies reduce their carbon footprint long before Climate Change became a hot topic. Built on acquiring and analysing data of energy use etc. the company grew and grew, was renamed Carbon Intelligence and was sold recently to Accenture.

Cian said that companies now were much more focussed on reducing the harmful aspects of their operation and this was not confined to their own operations but to the actions of companies in their supply chain, something known as Scope 3. For many companies supply chain emissions are the most complex group of emissions to tackle. They can make up to 90% of total emissions, but getting an accurate representation of their supplier’s footprint is often a lengthy and costly process. The Carbon Intelligence platform helps overcome the challenge of calculating, verifying, and improving supply chain emissions.

Cian went on to describe one of his new ventures which is to convert classic cars from petrol to electric motors. The new company, Electric Vintage Ltd, will ensure that owners can still enjoy these classic cars without harming the environment.