The future after COVID and Ukraine

What does the future hold after Covid and Ukraine?

BEST members are briefed by Investec.

Understanding what’s just happened to the economy following Covid and the Ukraine War is essential for owners of SME businesses in Britain. Predicting what will happen in the coming months and years is even more important and could affect business-owners’ decisions about their pensions and other investments.

The members of BEST and their invited guests were given the benefit of advice from two senior investment managers at the Guildford headquarters of Investec on 2nd August. Introduced by BEST member and IFA, Himanshu Lukha,  the Senior Investment team of Simon Tabb and Matt Green revealed the very latest data they had collected on various markets around the world before giving their predictions of what might lie ahead for inflation and interest rates.

This event was the first of a new series of presentations being arranged for the coming months aimed at increasing members’ knowledge of current issues facing businesses in Britain.

Summing up after the presentation, Ken Mead the BEST Chair thanked Investec for their contribution and said that the BEST Group was always happy to welcome local business-owners to its weekly meetings.

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