Sherryl Baker

Havers Counselling

“I travel with you throughout your journey, I don’t walk it for you… because I’m a helper and not a ‘fixer’ and you’re not broken.”

It is an immense privilege to walk alongside my clients on their deeply personal, unique, and often painful or traumatic journeys of developmental change and growth, and I have learnt to fully appreciate how the therapeutic relationship truly is key to building trust and empathetic understanding. I endeavour to always bring my authentic self to the counselling space and feel a humbled sense of satisfaction during those moments when clients make an emotional investment in our work together, delve into the unconscious, and break down the deep rooted conditions of worth that previously prevented them from realising their ideal or true self.

Formal training and qualification as an Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor – the Person-centred approach integrated with Psychodynamic theory – has empowered me to work effectively with clients aged from twelve to adult, and I’m confident to bring my creativity, working with metaphor to communicate understanding, and ‘risk taking’ into play while trusting them to find their own solutions in the process. I’m gifted with an intelligent sense of humour and an empathetic, curious nature, which enables me to connect with people, regardless of our differences or diverseness, and cross the divide between professional practitioner and client.

I am also gifted with an intuitive mind and like to think outside the box. My, sometimes extremely challenging, but relatable, past life experiences have taught me to be resourceful, creative, tenacious, organised, compassionate and courageous. Bringing these attributes to client work has enabled me to hone and develop my counselling skills, and most importantly, to trust my instincts.

Sherryl Baker - Haver Counselling
Havers Counselling