Sarah Bass

Oraculum UK

I am a skilled, expert recruiter with proven background working in the human resources industry across most business sectors. Experienced in all areas of resourcing; candidate, attraction, engagement, on-boarding, recruitment strategy, staff retention, talent pools and pipelines. Results driven.
A sound understanding of key roles across major commercial business sectors:

It is said that great businesses are built on great staff. The truth be told
‘Great businesses attract and retain great staff’

Successful recruitment is essential for the growth of any business, a key function of HR.

★Connect & find out how to harness the value of successful recruiting★
*Raise the profile of your business
*Increase the revenue of your business
*Improve productivity

★ With a skilled internal recruiter, you gain professional, affordable, recruitment. direct to your business when you need★

• Plan your recruitment strategy & prepare to recruit.
• Establish which staff are best for your business.
• Source the best staff available for your business.
• Attract the most suitable applicants to your business, consistently.
• Develop a clear, successful recruitment process; application, screening, assessment & effective interviewing.
• Create a strong on-boarding system to ensure retention of talented & productive staff.
• Ensure that you have great ROI in your recruitment.

just as important as what happens in the interview, is what happens before & after.

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