Neil Canty

Action Coach

“BEST is a weekly highlight for me. It’s a great chance to remove myself from the day to day and get some on the business inspiration. There’s always new business development opportunities and moreover it’s always time well spent in building genuine relationships within the local business community.”

Business Advice in Surrey and Sussex
Neil works to secure SMEs like yours with: more turnover, more profit, more effective use of your time.
Through ActionCOACH, Neil offers strategies on systems, sales, marketing, team management and so much more.
Strengthened by successful experience achieved over 35 years in Financial Director positions for some of the world’s leading aviation companies. Just like an athletic coach, Neil drives improvement through education, planning, accountability and support.

You’re most welcome to visit Neil’s LinkedIn page for a more detailed history of his time with Deloittes, Price Waterhouse, Hertz, British Midland Airways, Manx Airlines, BA CitiExpress, Kenya Airways and Gulf Air.

Neil Canty - Action Coach
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