Charlotte Allfrey

Metro HR

Best has been a friendly and welcoming networking group and it has been great to get back into in person networking, I have made some great connections and hope to continue to do so.

HR Expert, Consultant, Strategist and Trainer with over 20 years of experience of either working in small businesses in a standalone/management HR role, or supporting 100s of small and medium sized businesses with all aspects of their people planning and management. I founded Metro HR Ltd with the intention of sharing my passion for using great HR practices to help businesses and their people grow and develop together.

I know how to help clients become and stay safe and legal from an HR perspective and make sure they have everything they need in place to effectively and efficiently manage and look after their people. A seasoned troubleshooter and problem solver, but also very keen to encourage the creation of a people plan truly aligned to the business plan/objectives to help businesses unlock the potential for growth by having the right people and a happy team.

Charlotte Allfrey - Metro HR